Chinese Taro Cake, 山芋千絲糕

It’s the second time to make this but a bigger portion and increased dried scallop for the taste I like.  Chinese sausage was cut into larger dices so that my mother can easily pick it out, not to increase the risk of blogged blood vessels.

1000g Taro         
2 Chinese sausages
50g dried shrimp     
5 dried scallops

Soak the dried scallops and dried shrimps overnight.  Drain.

Steam the dried scallops until it is soft.  Tear it into ribbon-like

Cook the Chinese sausage in water until it gets boiled.  Dice it.

Dice the dried shrimps.

Cut 60% of the taro into stripes.  Grate the test to ribbon shape.  Mix well with the scallop ribbon.

Heat a wok.  Fry the Chinese sausage until it is fragrant.  Add dried shrimps.   Take them out from the wok.

Sauté the taro and cornstarch slightly.  Add the dried scallop.  Add the seasonings, follow by the Chinese sausage and dried shrimps.  Add water and mix well to a paste.

Fill the mixture into a rectangular cake loaf and a 18 cm cake pan.  Press it.

Steam it for 20-25 minutes.  Let cool.

Slice and pan fry the taro cake.  Serve warm.



芋頭肉1kg    臘腸2條       蝦米50g       瑤柱5粒(浸腍)

雞粉、麻油各1茶匙     五香粉、胡椒粉各1/3茶匙
糖2湯匙       生粉310g





5. 放入盤壓實,隔水蒸25分鐘,吃前才切件煎來吃。



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