Chocolate Peanut Butter Feuilletine Cake

I tried Cova‘s Peanut Butter Feuilletine Cake at a birthday party a few weeks’ ago. It’s stunning and made us falling in love with it.  Feuilletine is crispy, thin little shards of sugar cone.  Peanut butter cream with a hit of crunchy feuillentine.  Gorgeous!  It’s impossible to find the receipe.  But it does not mean giving up.  Ha ha, a twist and totally different texture by combining different receipes.  A chocolate sponge cake, a layer of chocolate peanut butter feuilletine and chocolate mousse, top with cocoa.  Heavenly!

It’s an experiment but a satisfactory one, though not perfect on its first run.  The mousse ring can be extended to a bigger size, letting the mousse flowing down to cover the sponge cake and peanut butter feuilletine.   Milk chocolate will be used next time to allow the flavour of peanut butter becoming more prominent.  A bit cream will be added so that it will soften, not an absolute crunch.

My mum and I share 1/4 of it.  Yeah, mine is a little bit bigger.  I wanted a second piece…..  Perhaps, after dinner.  Yeah yeah, it will only be consumed at home.  Taking mousse around, an hour to office.  No no, too far!  It’s risky.  Beautiful excuse to keep it home.  Let’s give Fanny a call.

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