Mango Mousse Cake with Cocount Base

Today is between intelligence and indulgence.  Writing an article of Porto and enjoying sumptuous homemade cake, Mango Mousse cake.  March and April are the best seasons of Mango.  We have differents types of Mango in Hong Kong, importing from various countries.  Of all, I like Philippines the best, followed by Indian.  Indian mango is very seasonal, a few months before or during the monsoon period.  Its taste is intensive, a sense of royal.  Philippines mango is fragrant and now available almost throughout the year.  Of course, still the best in spring.  Naturally, I should try out a new recipe during the mango season.

I made mango mousse, mango yoghurt cake and mango dome before.  It’s hard to find a new sort of mango cake.  Bumping into this, Alfonso mango cakeAlfonso mango is from west India, being the best in terms of richness, sweetness and flavours.  Well, I need to go to Chungking Mansion if I want it. Not it but them.  One should buy a case.  So, a substitute, Philippines ones.  Yes, this cake may be of Indian origin.  No problem.  Better my version, with reduced sugar.

Coconut Base:
70g dessicated coconut
30g flour
60g icing sugar
20g cream
2 egg whites
55g castor sugar

Mix dessicated coconut, flour, icing sugar, cream and one egg white to form a paste

Whisk the other egg white until soft peaks form.  Gradually add sugar during the whisking

Fold the egg white mixture into the dessicated coconut paste. Pour it into 2 16cm cake pans

Bake at 200C for 15 minutes

Mango Mousse:
225g fresh Mango, pureed
7.5g  gelatin, can use 8g or 8.5g
30g sugar
200g whipped cream
200g mango cubes

Soak the gelatin sheets in ice water in a bowl.  Melt it by sitting the bowl in boiling water.  Mix it with the mango puree.

Whip the cream until soft peaks form.  Fold the cream into the mango mixture.

Lay one cake disc at the bottom of a 18cm cake pan.

Ladle mango dices onto the disc.

Fill half of the mango mousse, followed by the second disc.

Add another layer of the mango dices and cover it with the rest of the mango mousse.

Leave it in the fridge for a few hours.  Enjoy!

My takeaway: substitute the coconut cake with a sponge cake.  Add 0.5 – 1 g gelatin.

Hmm, what to do with the 2 egg yolks?  Ah, carbonara puntalette without bacon.  Carbonara is usually cooked with sphaghetti and bacon.  I don’t have bacon and would like to get an intensive flavour.  OK, take the puntalette, small rice shaped pasta which should capture every drop of the egg yolk sauce.  It cooks quick.  Mix egg yolks, cream, ground percorino, a bit of pasta cooked water (cool), salt and pepper.  Drain the puntalette.  Put it in pan or a saucepan.  Blend the egg yolk mixture with added ham stripes.  Pour it on the pasta and mix well.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and decorate with Italian flat leaf parsley.  That’s it.  A sumptuous lunch.  Yum!


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