Simple Apple Tart

It’s father’s day and coincidently a visit from Angel Jaci and her parents, Clara and Jimmy.  Sumptuous food from my mother and sister.  I prepared the dessert, simple apple tart. I followed a recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  A cup of plain flour (110g) along with 6 tablespoon flour.  It’s sticky and did not seem it sufficed for a 22cm tart pan plus excessive for a nice cover around the edge.  So, I added an extra 50g flour after mixing the dough.  But it was still hardly largely enough for flapping excessive around the tart pan rim.  So, additionaly I made extra pastry out of 100g flour, 50g butter, pinch of salt and sugar and 1.5 tablespoon of water.  It turned out nice, fluffy pastry, yet to be better.  Anyway, it’s welcomed and almost gone.

Recipe click here.  I added extra 50g flour.  As a first trial, I used 3 apples.  But I will make double deck of apple the next time and then cover the top with a pastry.  Or one layer of apple without extra pastry on top.


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