Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

1st of July, high summer, wanna make a cool dessert which is refreshing, easy.  No, no, no baking.  The heat from the oven only increases the stuffy air.  It’s night time,  got to be  quick that I can go to bed in time.  Ha ha, passion fruit panna cotta.  Velvet and creamy pudding mingles with the sourness of passion fruit.  A spike of excitement and then tamed by the smooth milky sweet pudding. 

The recipe is taken as part of an amalgamate of passion fruit panna cotta, pirouetta cookie and mango pineapple salad.  It’s easy.  As a trial, I attempted half of the portion and again, cut the sugar content massively.

1.25 cups cream
75g milk
75g sugar
2.5 gelatin sheets
140g passion fruit puree

Soak the gelatine sheets into ice water

Boil the cream and sugar until the sugar dissolved.  Light boil is fine.

Add the dissolved gelatine into the cream mixture.

Blend in milk and passion fruit puree

Pour into individual ramekins or glass

Refrigerate overnight or until it sets

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