Pain de Campagne, adapted from Raymond Blanc

Accidentally I found this recipe from Raymond Blanc, a self-taught French cook resident in the United Kingdom.  I should not need to write about his background and success.  Get information from the internet if you are interested.  One can find a few recipes of Blanc at his homepage.  It looks like that he prefers you to buy his books.  Jamie Oliver, an important British cook, shares loads of recipes.  So as Nigella Lawson, Gordan Ramsey…….

I like Pain de Campagne.  It means country bread in French.  Typically it is a natural leavening round dough.  But I made it oval in a Benetton.  A starter is made and left for up to 18 hours at room temperature,  allowing the natural bacteria and yeasts to grow.  Then it is added to bread dough.  Below is the original recipe.

But I made it with differences:

Half the portion as for an experiment and bread consumption is low.

Instead of rye flour, I took German rye wholemeal flour.

I put the dough for 2nd fermentation in the fridge overnight, woke at 5.30 am (naturally) and left it to room temperature till I got up, around 2 hours later.

4 round loaves?  No, a big one about 600g and 3 rolls around 130g.

Haven’t got strong White flour.  No problem, take French bread flour.

Baking on a pizza stone.

Wow, a crispy crust when it was fresh and warm.  Then it evloved to chewy texture.  Superb!  For breakfast, my mom, sister and I ate half of the big loaf.  Powered Sunday!

Photos showing the stages:

Before and first fermentation.  Dough doubled in size in about an hour.

Divide the dough in 1 big loaf, 600g and 3 small ones each at 130g.  Rest 20 minutes, shape and leave it rise.

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