Rosemary Iberico Ham Bread and Rolls

It’s time to bake a fresh loaf of bread.  A older pot of rosemary that I wanted to get rid of.  Minced Iberico ham in the fridge.  OK, add some rye flour for a nice dough.  The combination rendered a wonderful and unique flavour.  So good!  In the morning, I almost finished half of the big loaf, 500g the whole.  Then it was consumed in the day.  Four rolls stay in the freezer.

100g rye wholemeal flour
400g mixed bread flour and French bread flour
320g water
3g dry yeast
10g salt
a few figs of rosemary
140g Iberico ham, minced

Mixed flours and water.  Let it stay for 10-15 minutes.  The flour will start working itself.

Add the yeast.  Start the kitchen machine to mix the flour and form a dough.

Add the salt.  Continue the process until the dough is elastic.

Blend in the rosemary and ham.  Mix until well incorporated.

Roll the dough by hand for a few minutes.  Shape it into a round and start the fermentation for about an hour, until it’s double in size.

Cut the dough into 1 part for 500g and 4 parts of about 115g each.  Cover with a towel and rest for 20 minutes.

It’s Friday night.  So I put them into the fridge.

Take them out to room temperature. Let them continue to rise for 2- 3 hours.

Cut the surface slightly to let mositure escape during the baking.

The big one, baked for 35 minutes.  The small ones 12-15 minutes.

Fabluous breakfast, non-stop.  Really difficult to hold on.

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