Blueberry Hazelnut Muffin

blueberry hazelnut muffin

blueberry hazelnut muffin batterBreakfast with mum.  Hmm, what to make?  She likes the blueberry almond muffin tried a few mo nths ago.  Need to make it different.  Ar, hazelnuts!  It is already grounded.  Yup, save time to ground it together with sugar.   Orange zest adds flavour and fragrance.  Yum!

This recipe is from Nancy Silverton.  All I did is replacing almond with ground hazelnut.  Easy and delicious.  Serve warm.

blueberry hazelnut muffin all

Wanna recipe?  Click here.  Cut half the portion to make 6 muffins.  Trim the sugar.  I took 60g only.  With a little decoration, it can become Coach branded muffins.

Coach Muffins


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