Apple Rum Cake

Apple Rum Cake 2

Christmas is in the corner.  But I am a bit resistant to the Christmas fruit cake with lots of dried fruits.  Perhaps, it is attributed to the Italian Panettone, a sweet bread that is enjoyed during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  Those I tried were dry.  Hmm, the weekend before Christmas……..  a cake fragnant with wine.  OK, an apple rum cake, from the French apple cake of David Lebovitz.

Apple Rum Cake slice

The apple cake is heavenly nice.  It was moist.  Every bite was full of apple dices, slighly sour balanced with the natural sweetness of apple, augmented by sugar.  Slight flavour of rum blended with vanilla.  One extra small piece, please.  Shhh…….  I can never start any diet program.  Warm apple cake straight from the oven.  Who can resist and not drop any diet plan?

Apple Rum Cake Close Up

My only little twist is bathing the apple dices in lemon juice, avoid strain and add a refreshing feel.  Sugar content cut 20%.  The eggs and sugar were beaten close to the texture prepared for sponge cake.  Soft and moist cake.  Yeah!

Click here for the recipe.

Apple Rum Cake slice1


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