Pork Knuckle, Schweinshaxe

Pork Knuckle Schweinshaxe

Today is cooking day, satisfied with 3 baking deliverables: pork knuckle (Schweinshaxe), flaxseed raisin bread and red bean green tea swiss rolls.  Yup, wanna stay home to avoid the crowd and try out this haxe since I had the idea of making this traditional German dish, recipe seen from someone Swedish?

The way it stands is cute.  It makes me think of the old days Volkswagenvintage beetle.  Schweinshaxe and Volkswagen.  Ha ha, both are German.

Volkswagen 1Volkswagen 2

It’s simple and easy.

1 kg pork hock
2 tablespoons salt (I’ll reduce it slighly)
Sliced onions

Pork Knuckle Schweinshaxe in oven 2

Rub the skin of the pork hocks with salt, garlic and oil.

Place the sliced onions in a baking dish and the hock on top of the onions. Fill the baking dish with stock until it just reaches the bottom of the hock.  Or you can take beer, wine, water.

Bake at 160C for about 2-2½ hours. Add more liquid during the baking process if it dries up

The beauty of low temperature baking with liquid is to keep it from drying out and allow flavour development.

Declare success!  Yeah!  Next one will go for crispy skin!

Pork Knuckle Schweinshaxe served


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