Pear Cardamom Pound Cake

Pear Caradomom Pound Cake1

I love bakery with pear.  Tart seems too much work and I was looking for new recipes.  Soon I found a pound cake recipe with fantastic look and texture.  Why a pound cake?  Because I was inspired by one photo showing a whole pear sitting inside a pound cake with looks very impressive.  But it needs a bottle of white wine for cooking the pears.  Sounds too much work and luxury.

Pear Caradomom Pound Cake5

Instead I wished something quick and easy.  So, I took the pound cake recipe and inserted cut pear vertically into the batter.   But, unfortunately, it did not look the same.  What I did is cut the sugar amount to 75% and salt from 1.2 tsp to 1/4tsp as I was concerned it it would be too salty.  The taste was gorgeous.  A moist pear cake (natural pear juice) melting in mouth.

Pear Caradomom Pound Cake2


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