Lemon Cake, adapted from Raymond Blanc

Lemon Cake Raymond Blanc 2 pcs

Yes, it’s Raymond Blanc again.  Originally I attempted to try his Chocolate Delice.  But not ingredients are available at home.  I also didn’t have everything for the sumptuous lemon cake.  Well missing rum and one lemon.  Why not?  Try it out!  I would visit Fanny in Tin Shui Wai, to their new residence.  It’s in a quiet region, a relaxed little gem.

Lemon Cake Raymond Blanc  from oven

The cake is very easy to make but the outcome unexpectedly good.  If I will make pound cake again, this will be priority 1 recipe.  Fine holes, moist, a touch of butter but not overwhelming nor greasy.  Superb!    The recipe requires 4 lemons: zest for 3 for the cake and 1 for the glazing.  Plus lemon juice.  I had only 3 at home.  So I sacrificed one for the cake.  Subtle lemon flavor!  No rum and substitute.  So, vanilla essence.  No double cream, then adding a few grams of melted butter.  Yo!  The cake was brushed with warmed apricot jam and finally lemon zest cooked in lemon juice and icing sugar.  I cut 20% from the cake , added a bit more juice with the recipe’s 150g icing sugar but not as condensed as Raymond’s.  Though it’s glossy and tempting.   A bite of balanced sweet and sour, heavenly and blissful!

Lemon Cake Raymond Blanc 2 loaves

Recipe?  Click here.  Or video.

Lemon Cake Raymond Blanc Cut


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