Raspberry Mousse, Pistachio Cream Brulee Cake

Raspberry Mousse Pistachio Cake

My last time attending a cake class already date a few years ago.  Since yesterday it has been changed.  ‘Cause I would like to witness how a chocolate machine converts melted chocolate into grainy chocolate to beautify the cake surface.

Raspberry Mousse Pistachio Cake

Spraying chocolateIt is not difficult but requires a lot of patience because it is an assembly of 4 different parts.  Set it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes, then use a chocolate sprayer to spray melted chocolate to a grainy surface to augment the appeal.  Everyone impressed by the outlook and the different flavours.  First plunge into one’s mouth is velvet raspberry creaminess, soft almond cake, crunchy white chocolate and lastly a subtle finish of pistachio.  Wordless!

The 4 parts are:

Almond sponge cake, pistachio cream brulee, Italian meringue & raspberry mousse.  Due to the time limit, the middle two were demonstrated only.  They were made the night before and the decorations as well.  We made the almond cake and raspberry mousse (raspberry puree, Italian meringue and whipped cream), assembled and decorated the lovely dessert.

Not sure if the recipe is of property right and therefore I do not share the recipe here.  If you are interested to learn it yourself, try Coup Kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Raspberry Mousse, Pistachio Cream Brulee Cake

  1. This is an amazing desert and I’m pretty sure that it’s exactly what i have tried in one of the confectionaries in Brussels. I would really appreciate if you could share this recipe with me in PM. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello, the link you provided no longer works, the website doesn’t exist, anyway you could share the recipe? You can email me if possible, thank you.

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