Pistachio Flaxseed Whole Wheat Rolls

Pistachio flaxseed rolls1

The last two batches of bread making failed.  No big changes of the process but the dough did not rise.  Could it be the King Arthur whole wheat flour, sour dough mix or the yeast?  OK, let’s do a test.  Change the yeast.  Opened a new one and observed.  Around 100g of the last failed to rise dough added.  Ha, the dough rose high already in half an hour.  So, it’s the yeast.  It continued the rise in the fridge.

The recipe is quite simple.  100g old dough defrosted, 300g bread flour, 200g whole wheat flour, 350g water, 5g instant dry yeast, 10g salt, 50g flaxseeds, pieces of salted pistachio (as many as your like)

Pistachio flaxseed rolls

Mix the flours, old dough, flaxseeds and water in a big bowl. Let it stand 10, 15 minutes.

Add the yeast and start to blend the flour by a kitchen machine at low speed for 6-7 minutes.

Up one scale and let it work for a few more minutes.

Lower the speed to the original.

Take the dough out and roll it still for a while.  Fold it to a round shape.

Lightly flour a container to sit the dough for fermentation.  It takes about an hour.

Pistachio flaxseed rolls b4 fermentationDeflate the dough.  Mine weighed about 1 kg.  So I divided it into 8 parts, each around 125g.

Let it relax for 15 minutes.  Then fold and shape them into rounds.  Embed the pistachio at this time.  I put 3-4 per roll.

Pistachio flaxseed rolls2

Around 1 hour raising, they doubled in size.

Preheat the oven to 260C.  Spray it with water to create steam.  Close the door and put the rolls in after 15 seconds.

Turn the temperature down to 220C.  Baking time around 12 minutes.

Allow the rolls to cool for a few minutes.  The water inside will evaporate.

My roll was soft but …… Ooh, I forgot to put the salt.  No worry, it’s healthy!  Never mind, can enjoy it with French butter, President.

One thought on “Pistachio Flaxseed Whole Wheat Rolls

  1. Hi! I really love this post and your blog!!!!!

    Btw, aIf you love pistachio, you might maybe want to try:

    …a pistachio cake
    …a second pistachio cake with chocolate
    …or a pistachio lasagna

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