Earl Grey Pear Mousse Cake

Earl Grey pear mousse cake slice

Entremet means ‘between servings’, French.  For me, it refers to desserts made with layers.  It’s pretty but also laborious.  A layer after another, a few hours between steps.  So, need to be home or schedule your time to be home an hour for one step of the pretty preparations.

South Africa Forelle Pear for Earl Grey CakeI took the recipe from Yue’s Handicraft again after the last week, Lemony New York Cheesecake.  The recipe was mostly followed.  Just syrup and earl grey milk volume were lower than the portion in the recipe.  Then I made a bit more and assured that volume after all the cooking equivalent to the recipe’s specifics.  With this, the use of 10 sheets gelatin set the earl grey mousse right.  For the topping, I had to blend some of the pear dices to make up the difference.  Extra fluid added so that it could fit 5g instead of gelatin.  Next time, I will use cream to make up the volume instead of just water.

Earl Grey Poached Asian Pears

2 South African pears, peeled, cored & diced
5g earl grey tea leaves, in a tea infuser
50g granulated sugar
200g water

In a saucepan, combine sugar & water, bring water to boil & stir until sugar dissolved.

Pour in pear dices and place the tea leaves in the saucepan. Cook for a few minutes to tender the pear dices.

I left them sitting the saucepan overnight.

Drain the pears & reserve the syrup.  I could have 115g only.

Earl grey pear mousse cake

Chocolate Brownie
2 eggs, separated
80g sugar
100g dark chocolate 75%
100g salted butter
45g cake flour
Preheat oven to 190C grease a 8″ square pan.

Melt chocolate & butter over simmering water, stir until smooth.

In a mixing bowl, whisk egg yolks with 15 g sugar until light & creamy, fold in the chocolate butter.

In another bowl, whisk egg whites with remaining sugar to soft peaks, fold in chocolate batter.

Sift in the flour, fold until combined.

Pour into the prepared pan & bake for 18-20 min.

Earl Grey pear mousse cake slice1

Earl Grey Syrup
30ml pear oolong syrup
1/2 tbsp brandy
Combine all ingredients.

Earl Grey White Chocolate Mousse
3 egg yolks
350g whipping cream, whipped to soft peaks
20 g sugar
120g white chocolate, melted
10 sheets (2.5g each) gelatin, softened in ice water
200 ml milk (more and make sure you have net 200g milk after the cooking)
10g earl grey tea leaves

Combine earl tea & milk in a saucepan, bring the milk to boil then keep it simmering for 3-5 min, remove tea leaves.

Add in the softened gelatin & stir until dissolved.

Add in melted chocolate & stir until smooth.

In a mixing bowl, whisk egg yolks with sugar over simmering water until pale & creamy.

Pour in the chocolate milk & stir until smooth.

Fold in the whipped cream until smooth.

Earl Grey pear mousse cake slice3

Topping Jelly

200ml pear earl grey syrup (85g left syrup + pear dices blended & water or cream to make up 200g)
2 tsp brandy
5g sheet gelatin, softened

Heat the syrup and whisky.  Blend in softened gelatin


Remove the brownie & place it at the bottom of a 8″ square mousse ring.

Brush generous amount of earl grey syrup on the brownie.

Pour the earl grey mousse over the brownie, arrange the pears evenly over the mousse, and refrigerate to set.  I left it overnight.

Pour the jelly on top & refrigerate to set for a few hours.

Carefully remove the cake from the mousse ring, cut into pieces.  I decorated one with Gavottes chocolate.

Earl Grey pear mousse cake slice2


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