Coffee Chocolate Crunch Mousse Cake

coffee chocolate crunch cake close up

This fabulous coffee crunch cake was learnt from Coup Kitchen today.  It’s divine! Creamy, soft and a subtle hint of hazelnuts accompanied with velvet strong chocolate.  Oh my Lord!

coffee chocolate crunch cake

Again, I can’t disclose the exact recipe.  But the combination is simple: chocolate sponge cake, hazelnut with feuilletine, coffee chocolate mousse and chocolate glazing.  One should make the coffee chocolate mousse overnight.  It will be beaten until creamy before pouring onto the cake.

coffee chocolate crunch cake slice

Structure:  chocolate sponge cake at the bottom, hazelnut feuilletine layer, half of the coffee chocolate cream, chocolate sponge cake, then the rest of the coffee chocolate cream.  Lastly, make the edge with chocolate glazing and pour in the middle to form the shiny mirror like reflection.  Decoration is up to you.  Spray golden or bronze powder on top to complete. Let it stay in the fridge for two hours to set.

coffee chocolate crunch cake close up 1

chocolate coffee crunch cake


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