Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake

Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake

It’s summer Friday, the third one in the year.  We can leave at 1 pm on summer Friday.  But I could leave only after 3pm. Hungry stomach……  I thought of having something special in Tsuen Wan as I was popping there for chocolate decoration tools.  The original aim was to find Ramen noodles.  Policemen showed me the way but I still could not manage to find it.  So, empty stomach until I’ve got home. No lunch but supper at eight.

Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake b4 toppingThe goodie was after dinner – experimented Yue’s Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake.  What is Yakult?  It’s a probiotic milk-like drink created by the Japanese.  It has been popular in Hong Kong since I was a child.   Perhaps, before I existed.  Guess this is more correct.  I was curious to check out how it would change the taste of this popular blueberry cheesecake.  The answer is to further enhance the appeal of this already delightful cake.  A hint of tanginess accompanied the gooey blueberry cheese mixture, plus the bit crunchy biscuit base.  Awesome!

The colour is amazing.  Purple blue marble with pale yellow creamy cheese.  It will be already delicious on its own.  The blueberry compote on top and fresh blueberries push to its height.

Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake  demould

90g digestive biscuit crumbs
37g melted butter

Mix ingredients. Press into a 18cm cake pan. Bake in an oven at 150C for 15 min.

Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake slice1

Blueberry Compote
310g frozen blueberries
3 tablespoon sugar

  • Combine the blueberries with sugar in a saucepan
  • Cook over medium heat to make compote.  I blended them in machine and continued to cook for a while.
  • Reserve 90g for cheesecake
  • Keep the rest as topping

Cheese Filling
160g cream cheese
45g sugar
125g whipping cream
60g buttermilk
95g Yakult
90g blueberry compote
4.25 gelatin leaves (each weigh 2.5g); 4.5 sheets will have a better consolidated texture
Blueberry Yakult Cheesecake slice

Bloom gelatin in cold water, dissolve in blueberry compote

Beat cream cheese & sugar until smooth

Add in Yakult & buttermilk, blend until smooth

Whisk the whipping cream to soft peaks, combine with the cheese batter

Fold in the blueberry compote

Fill the prepared pan & refrigerate to set

After refrigerating, remove the mould carefully & top with the blueberry compote
Place fresh blueberries on top

I enjoyed it with Tanny, chit chat with the gorgeous cake and latte made by Nespresso. A lazy and relaxed afternoon with happy reunion!

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