Chocolate Crunchy Truffle Dome

Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake

Happy Birthday to Florence! I intended to celebrate her birthday with this lovely and marvelous chocolate truffle cake.  Unfortunately, she informed us the night before the cell group  that she would spend her birthday at Bangkok.  OK OK.  We wished her the best and a wonderful birthday.  We shared the yummy little dome.  Great joy!

Winnie Cell birthday wish to FlorenceThis is learnt from Coup Kitchen.  It’s a well worth spend.  Revisit and retry the chocolate sponge cake.  A big success by lifting the flour from the bottom with gentle motion.  Chocolate mixture should be at temperature between 40C and 45C for adding whipped cream.  If not attending the class, I may continue not to optimize the mousse or truffle texture.  Now, I’ve got it. Chocolate glazing is best made the night before.  The colour will get darker and the surface more shiny.  What big tips!

Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake half filledFill the half dome with mousse up to less than half of the height.  Lay a smaller piece of cake.  Add chocolate pearl.  Pour the rest of the mousse and top with chocolate sponge cake with hazelnut Feuilletine.Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake glazing only

Chocolate truffle domes with dark chocolate glazing

Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake white chocolate decoration

Chocolate crunchy  truffle dome with white chocolate glazing

Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake at home

Chocolate Crunch Truffle Dome with golden powder decoration

Diagonal cut reveals chocolate sponge cake (bottom and middle).  The bottom with crunchy hazelnut feuilletine.

Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake cut

Chocolate Crunchy Dome Cake1

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