Mango Napoleon

Mango Napoleon

Two consecutive days of cake class from Coup Kitchen.  The second one is this indulgent Mango Napoleon.  One whole piece of butter!  Fattening but gorgeous!  The making involves several stages.  First make the dough, then splash the butter into a square.  Wrap the butter into the dough.  A series of rolling and folding, 3 times.  Each time you roll out the dough into a long rectangle, fold it, roll it again and fold again.  Before the folding, you must brush away the flour on top of the pastry.  Then put it in the fridge for relax, half hour.  The final step is to fork the pastry and cut into pieces, a multiple of 3 as Napoleon is 3 layers

Napoleon combined

This class involved a lot of waiting time, relative to other classes.  Fortunately, two young assistants helped on the baking process, flipping the pastry, baking it further, spraying icing sugar and baking it right to have the lovely amber colour.  Demonstrations of most steps: making custard, decoration.  Custard may melt easily under the hot weather.  Therefore we saw chef’s way decoration and did it at home.

Napoleon with custardNapoleon with mango

I put the pastry in boxes on the dining table while the custard and mango in the fridge.  In the morning, one piece of the pastry disappeared.  It was in my sister’s stomach.  So,  I made one big piece with 3 layers as planned.  The left over 2 were further divided into 6.  This is how the smaller piece looked like.  Lovely still!

Mango Napoleon 2

Chef did it two ways: one for demo and the other for his client.  Both are nice.  I did not have his tool to spray the icing sugar but mine looked gorgeous too.  Wasn’t it?

Mango Napoleon Coup KitchenMango Napoleon Coup Kitchen Alternate Decoration

Mango Napoleon 4

Napoleon 3

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