Toast Bread

Toast Bread

Homemade blueberry marmalade best fits with toast bread.  OK, let’s make my own toast bread.  I took Richard Bertinet recipe.  I’ve got his book Brot für Genießer in Germany.  The base of bread is 500g wheat flour, 10g fresh yeast, 10g salt & 350g water.  He handmade bread dough.  I gave it rounds of trial but did not like the sticky feeling.  So, I ended up buying a kitchen machine to do the kneading.

Toast bread dough

Variation of this toast bread is adding 10g butter, replace 50g water by milk and double the portion of fresh yeast.  As I use instant dry yeast, I took between 4 and 5g.  To give it a twist, I divided the dough into half after the first fermentation.  Then further split into 40% and 60%.  Rest for 20 minutes.  Then I added a dash of cocoa powder to the smaller dough and knead until well mixed.

Toast Bread wrap

Press flat the dough.  Lay the chocolate dough on top of the white dough.  Stretch them to become rectangular shape.

Toast Bread before rolling

Divide each combined dough into half.  Fold the two sides slight inwards and roll up.

Toast bread rolled

Place the rolls into a toast mold, 450g.  Around 650g of the dough is insufficient.  But I put all the rolls, around 800g into the mold for the second rise.  It will fill the mold in around one hour.  Bake in an oven at temperature 200C for around 35 minutes.

Toast Bread3

The pattern of chocolate is random.  Every section has its own.  Awesome!  Toast has more texture that the one bought in bakery shop which is light as feather.  More substantial and fragrant!

Toast Bread2


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