Norwegian Apple Cake

Norwegian Apple Cake 3

Rainy day…… Got up shortly after 6 in the morning. A thought of trying a recipe of Norwegian Apple Cake and as our dessert for homemade lunch cooked by Eva.  However, the outcome was: rustic and not elegant or appropriate as dessert after a sumptuous meal. The recipe did not mention the cake pan size.  I attempted to make two 16cm ones but it sufficed only one.  Hurry up, I measured the ingredients to make another one to be sure that my each of my church group member could have one piece.

Norwegian Apple Cake

Much apples put inside the first cake. The feeling is very homemade.  Since no butter nor fat has been added, it’s not the type of normal apple cake.  It’s moist but seemed something was missing.  The cooking time is long, 50 to 60 minutes.  The second one went to the oven without much apple inside the cake.  It’s a bit dry though the surface looked good.  Well, learning……  But the taste from cinnamon and cardamom won and lingered.

Norwegian Apple Cake 2


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