Spanish Ham Red Onion Bread

Hazelnut crunch chocolate mousse dome

It’s the birthday of a good friend and ex-colleague’s birthday.  Well, tried the chocolate mousse hazelnut crunch dome learnt a few months ago.  Excellent!  Just I did not add the white chocolate decoration.  But it looks fantastic!  Proud.  Well , it will be hard to make it another time for the many stages of work involved.

Hazelnut crunch chocolate mousse dome process

For lunch, I baked bread made with Spanish ham and red onion & a tower of avocado, crabmeat and tomato. Gorgeous!  The slightly salty bread flavoured by the ham and the refreshing crabmeat avocado.  A perfect and pleasant lunch.

avocado crab meat tower

Spanish ham red onion rye bread

Now, the heavenly fragrant bread.  200g rye flour pre-dough.  100g rye flour, 100g bread flour, 5g instant dry yeast, 8g salt, 120g Spanish minced ham, 1 red onion, 320g water

Fry the ham with oil until you smell the divine fragrance.  Add sliced onion and cook for about a minute.  Pour 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar and stir well.  Let cool.

Beat the dough with a bread hook of a kitchen machine at low speed for about 7 minutes.  Turn to medium speed for two minutes.  Knead the dough until smooth.  Add the fried ham and onion and mix well.  Mine become very soggy.  I had to add flour to let it form a ball again.  Quite much flour. Then some hand kneading.

Allow it going through the first fermentation until double in size.  Punch the dough.  Cut it into half, about 700g each. Let them rest for about 20 minutes. Put them into the fridge for overnight fermentation.  The crust is a bit dry.  I took one dough out.  Shape it into an elongated form.  Allow it cool down and continue the fermentation.  Turn the oven temperature to 260C.  Spray it with water.  Put the bread in.  Turn to 220C after 10 minutes.  The bread was ready after 30-35 minutes.

The second dough was divided into the small ones the next day.  Allow them to go through another rising.  Bake for 15 minutes at 220C.  The rolls with one extra day in the fridge are softer than the first big loaf.

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