Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake1

Angel has just got married.  It’s our second lunch in the year though we work in the same company.  Congratulation again!  We hop to Cha-no-wa at City’super to double the happiness of her marriage.  We shared a piece of matcha soufflé.  It was so so.  Angel said that the matcha pudding she previously tried was much better.  I took it after 4pm.  Hmm, good.  Bold green tea & very creamy mousse on a piece of sponge cake.  Like a couple in harmony.  And so, this inspired me to try a chocolate version.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake2

The base is a chocolate sponge cake.  On top is a layer of raspberry coulis that I used in my recent raspberry panna cotta. The mousse is from a British chef, William Drabble.  I was looking for chocolate mousse cake recipe not requiring baking.  Photo of William’s cake was the only one appealing to me.  And it is not difficult.  Just the portion is huge.  To fit for a 20cm square tin.  I only took 2/3 of his recipe.  Result?  Superb!  Creamy and strong chocolate, smooth and decadent!  Just the cut was not professional.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice

Chocolate mousse
100g dark chocolate
200g butter
85g cocoa powder
6 eggs, separated
130g caster sugar
170g cream

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

Melt the dark chocolate, butter and cocoa powder together over a bain marie and combine with a whisk. When the chocolate butter mixture is combined, take off the heat

Whisk the egg yolks with 65g sugar until pale and smooth. Fold in the chocolate/butter mix.

Start to make a meringue with whites and remaining sugar. As they start to foam, slowly start to add the remaining 65g of caster sugar. Continue to whisk until all the sugar has been added and soft to medium peaks form

When the meringue is ready, gently fold into the chocolate mixture a third at a time.

Whisk the cream until medium to stiff peaks form. Gently fold the cream into the chocolate mix a third at a time.

Pour the chocolate mixture over the sponge cake already spread with the raspberry coulis.  Place in fridge for a few hours.  Enjoy!

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake Slices


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