Corn Bread

corn bread1

It’s a wish for a very long time to make corn bread as an ex-colleague mentioned that she liked it so much.  I wondered how good it was and now I can better comprehend how it is. When it was in the oven, the whole place was full of a good, slightly sweet smell, not the sugary one.  I researched the recipes for quite some time, but most outcomes are like a cake, not kinds of bread. True, because cornbread is defined as quick bread leavened by baking powder. Good that one of my books shows this recipe.  It is from May Leung, owner of the Baking Warehouse.

corn bread b4 fermentationIt’s winter time.  Fermentation took forever.  The second rise needed to be aided by the oven.  Set the oven temperature below 100C.  The measure said around 75C. It became double size in one hour.

corn bread after 2 rise

To make the bread, you need:
400g bread flour
100g corn flour
7g instant dry yeast
50g butter
275g water
10g salt

corn bread

Mix all ingredients together.  Or you can mix flour, water, butter and yeast first.  When a ball is formed, add the salt until it is fully incorporated. I use a kitchen machine.  The first kneading was at low speed, 6-7 minutes.  Then I switched to medium speed.  Again, 6-7 minutes, until the dough was smooth.

corn bread3

Go for first fermentation until it’s doubled in size.  Punch the dough.  Divide it into 3 pieces.  Each around 280g.  Rest for 21 minutes. Same rule for the second rise.  Bake at 210C with steam for about 25 minutes.

It was in time to serve at BBQ with friends, on the boxing day.  Cheers!

Winnie Cell BBQ Winnie Cell BBQ1

Winnie Cell BBQ2


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