Butter and Cream Cake

butter and cream cake slicesThis recipe is from Gregoire Michaud, a Swiss pastry master who loves Hong Kong and as the pastry chief at Four Seasons Hotel.  I listed his recipe here but my way is slightly different. 1.5 eggs used as I was not sure how big should a very large egg.  I found the dough very thick and added bit more cream.

butter and cream cake slice

100g Melted Butter
210g White Sugar
140ml Cream
3g Baking Powder
170g Cake Flour
One very large egg
One vanilla bean
A pinch of salt

butter and cream cake slice1

His way is to mix all ingredients together.   I took more steps to beat the butter (softened) and sugar first.  Add egg one each at a time till incorporated and then the flour at the end.   I can’t say which way is better as I did not try out his.  Mine was soft, fluffy.  The top was harder and crunchy. Very welcome by the family.  It’s also the day of a friend’s wedding day.  The chocolate twist looks like hearty shape.  So, I wished the new couple love their lifetime and keep the couple relationship from God.  This is not direct translation for the original Chinese text: 深心相印, 佳偶天成。Of course, two pieces of cake slice together.

butter and cream cake slices1Here listed Gregoire’s recipe:

1. Mix all ingredients in a kitchen mixer (the blade type) until you obtain a smooth mixture

2. Apply melted butter in a rectangle mold and cover the butter with flour; shake the excess flour

3. Fill the mould to 3/4 of the height

4. Pipe a thin line of soft butter on the whole length of the cake (this will make it open at baking)

5. For a cake of 700 gm (the above recipe) bake it at 165C for 10 minutes and a further 70 minutes at 145C

6. Once baked, allow to cool a little and take out of the mold; cool on a wire rack

And if you want to make it marbled or chocolate flavor, just replace 8 to 10% of the flour with unsweetened cocoa powder. Personally, I am a great believer in leaving it to sit in the kitchen for a day before indulging, of course, that is given you can hold yourself for that long!

butter and cream cake


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