Focaccia adapted from Nancy Silverton

Rosemary olive Focaccia

DolomitesThe first day of 2014 I experimented Focaccia from master baking chef Nancy Silverton.   The texture was wonderful, with big holes.  It is very European.  I love it!  As a coincidence, a friend sent photos from the Dolomites today.  Today, a very Italian day.  Cool!  It would be gorgeous if I were at the Dolomites baking the Focaccia.

Here are part 1 and 2 of the recipe.  I did not follow all the steps, only quite some.

Rosemary olive Focaccia close up

I followed the overnight starter and twice fermentation.  After the first round, I divided the dough into 4.  At the end of the second fermentation, I placed olive, rosemary and tomatoes on the top.  Let them relaxed and put them into the oven.  Of course, the baking time is much shorted than her big loaves.  Two 240g loaves each batch.  Baking time was only 20 minutes.  Quick and good.

Focaccia Nancy Silverton

Focaccia big holes

Rosemary olive Focaccia with big holes

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