Osso Bucco (Italian Veal Shank)

Osso Bucco

I haven’t cooked Osso Bucco for a few years.   It is veal shank shallow fried, drown in white wine and stewed with tomato.  At least, it is the way I have been cooking for some time.  The recipe stays roughly on my mind.  And it’s easy.  Once you have completed a few steps  which is more or less put the right ingredients into the cooking pan, you just let it cook itself and be happy to have a good lunch or dinner.

osso bucco pat with flour

First mix salt and pepper with flour.  Coat the osso bucco with the flour mixture.

panfried osso bucco in white wine

Pan fried it.  A few minutes of each side until it turns golden brown. Pour in white wine and let it until it is almost dried up.

osso bucco white wine dried up

osso bucco in tomato sauce

Pour in a can of good quality tomato.  Once it is boiled, simmer the meat for 1.5 to 2 hours.  The last step is to add lemon zest, parsley, anchovy and minced garlic.  Be moderate with the latter two.

osso bucco with black sesame roll

Italians eat Osso Bucco with saffron risotto.  Not to mention, a bit salt and pepper and taste the seasoning if it fits your taste bud.  I just had a black sesame roll and a glass of white wine.  The dish was cooked while I was working at home, almost effortless.  Worth a trial!

Osso Bucco with wine

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