Pear Bavaroise Mousse Cake

Pear Chalotte Cake

It’s another lesson at the Coup Kitchen.  This is a wonderful mousse cake.   The sweetness of pear along with William Pear Liquor, a velvet mousse…….What I can say is superb!  I ate 2/3 of it in a few days and my mom the another 1/3.  Why did it take days?  Auh ooh, it’s too much calories on my hip if I took it in one go or two.  Moderate is always good, my motto.

William pear cake

Sorry, we have an obligation of not disclosing the recipe publicly.   This sumptuous cake is composed of: a sponge, pear Bavaroise with pears in can, pear liquer and cream and the decoration on top.  After one has made the sponge batter, pipe it in finger shape 5.5cm x 32cm. The rest will be piped in circular over a 16cm cake pan.  Bake them in a preheated over at 200C for 10-12 minutes.

Pear Chalotte

pear Chalotte 2

pear Chalotte 1

Pear bavaroise mousse cake1

Slice 6 halves of pears in can thinly.  The firmest one should be reserved to make a flower / rose and cut slim.  Flame it with fire.  Pour the mousse into the cake.  Lay 5 pear halves on top.   Shape the last half into a rose.  Brush the pear with apricot gel.  Sprinkle pistachio on top.  Refrigerate it for a few hours.

Pear Chalotte Cake2


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