Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois close up

It was a long week and Saturday was not free.  I attended a MBTI day camp. It’s about character.  Where you get energy from, external or internal determines if you are extrovert or introvert.  How you learn things, by sensing or intuition?  How do you make decision, by logic thinking or feeling?  How do you deal with the outerworld, judging or perceiving.  4 Sunday classes teaches the theory, how you determine which types you are, understand others.  The key essences are treat others like yourself, treat yourself like others, accept others as they are and accept yourself as you are.

Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois

The day camp starts with a game of distributing an orange and calling out the next partner’s name loud. The quickest team, expectedly was our team, Element means circle and square denoting very different characters.  We tried different and improved ways and could achieve it in less than 2 seconds, flowing the orange from top to bottom.  The second game was for us to go from one destination to another destination.  Alignment was the lesson to learn. Other games set us without speech and sight.  Cooperation is the key to success.  The last one, around 40 people in two lines, facing each other.  The task is to lower a fishing pod from shoulder height to the ground.  It was the most challenging one.  Team work, trust, alignment are key.  Two teams spent almost one hour to achieve it.   Understand oneself and others are important.  But the more important factor is alignment and cooperation.  Thanks to Ms. Karrie Lum and Pastor Leung Ting Yik.

Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois2

Then, today is to wind down and pamper myself.  Here comes the raspberry chocolate bavarois, an adaptation from Passion fruit Chocolate Bavarian Cake.

Feuilletine base
90g dark chocolate, divide into two portions
30g feuilletine
50g Nutella

Biscuit sponge
60g egg whites at room temperature
40g caster sugar
40g egg yolks at room temperature
50g cake flour

Chocolate Bavarois
200ml whipping cream
2.5g gelatin leaves
45ml cream
45ml milk
15g caster sugar
30g egg yolks
45g melted chocolate from the feuilletine base

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse CakeRaspberry bavarois
3g gelatin leaves
50ml milk
25g caster sugar
30g egg yolks
50g raspberry puree

Raspberry glaze
20ml water
25g caster sugar
10g glucose
50g raspberry puree
2.8g gelatin leaves

Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois slice

  1. Preheat oven to 180C.
  2. Feuilletine base:Half-fill a saucepan with water and bring to a simmer on low heat. Place chocolate in a heat-proof bowl that fits snugly in the saucepan. Stir the chocolate until it has melted. Split the melted chocolate into two portions.
  3. In a bowl, mix one portion of the melted chocolate with feuilletine and Nutella.
  4. Line a 18cm baking tray with baking paper. Pour the feuilletine mixture on it and spread evenly.
  5. Chill the feuilletine base in the fridge for about 30 minutes until set.
  6. Biscuit sponge:Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks and slowly add the sugar and continue to beat till stiff peaks form.
  7. With a spatula, roughly fold in the yolks and sift in the flour. Fold the mixture carefully.
  8. Line a 18cm baking tray with baking paper. Pipe the mixture starting from the centre in a circular motion to make a 18cm circle.biscuit sponge
  9. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.
  10. Chocolate bavarois:Whisk the 200ml whipping cream together until it forms soft peaks. Keep chilled in the fridge.
  11. In a bowl, soften gelatin leaves (2.5g) with cold water. Squeeze excess water away.
  12. Heat 45ml cream on low heat in a small pot.
  13. In another pot, place the milk with half the amount of sugar and heat on low fire. In the meantime, whisk the rest of the sugar with egg yolks together.
  14. Once the milk boils, pour half of it into the egg yolk mixture, whisking to prevent curdling. Pour the milk and egg yolk mixture back into the pot to continue heating. Keep stirring so that it does not curdle. It is ready when it coats the back of a spoon.
  15. Pour the heated cream in step 12 into the mixture in step 14. Transfer to a bowl and mix in the gelatin. Stir to melt the gelatin.
  16. Stir in the other half of the melted chocolate from step 2 with a spatula. Set aside.
  17. To assemble the cake:Place the feuilletine base in a 18cm cake pan.
  18. Fold in 100ml of the whipped cream from step 10 to the chocolate bavarois mixture in step 16. Pour half of this mixture over the feuilletine base.
  19. Add the biscuit sponge from step 9 and press the sides down. Pour the rest of the bavarois cream until it fills half of the cake ring. Chill till set.Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois slice2
  20. In the meantime, make the raspberry bavarois. Soften gelatin (3g) in a bowl of cold water.
  21. Repeat steps 13 to 15.
  22. Warm the raspberry puree in a saucepan on low heat and add to mixture. Fold in the remaining 100ml whipped cream from step 10.
  23. Pour the raspberry bavarois over the chilled chocolate bavarois in step 19. Leave 1 to 2mm from the top of the cake ring. Chill till set.
  24. Raspberry glaze: Place water, then caster sugar and glucose in a pot on low heat. Once melted, mix in raspberry puree and softened gelatin.
  25. Pour into a bowl and cover with cling film touching the surface of the glaze.raspberry glaze and mousse
  26. Once the glaze has cooled to room temperature, pour over the raspberry bavarois. Chill in fridge until the cake has set, about 30 minutes to one hour.
  27. Remove the cake ring. Slice and serve chilled.

Serves six to eight

Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois slice3



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