Raspberry Swiss Roll

Raspberry Swissroll

I planned to make a black sesame Swiss roll but unfortunately I did not have sufficient sesame.  Hmm,  there was still raspberry puree sitting in the freezer after the Raspberry Chocolate Bavarois and I have a raspberry Swiss Roll recipe from Teacher Meng (孟老師).  So, why not.  The pinky cream is delighting & the vibrant red colour of raspberry, an addition of happiness to spring.

Raspberry Swissroll 2

80g egg yolks (about 4 eggs)
20g sugar
120g egg white (about 3-4 eggs)
60g sugar
40g cake flour
2 tsp corn starch
35g melted butter
70g raspberry (add more according to your preference)

75g raspberry puree
180g cream
20g sugar

Whisk the egg yolks and the 20g sugar over a bain marie until the temperature is around 40C.  Continue to whisk until it is pale yellow and you can write a ‘8’ and it stays in the batter for a bit while.

Whisk the egg whites until foamy.  Add in sugar gradually and beat until stiff peaks form.  It should be glossy and smooth.

Fold in 1/3 of egg white to the yolk mixture gently.  Then the rest in two batches and fold till well incorporated.

Fold in the flours in batches till well blended.

Add a portion of the egg mixture to the melted butter.  Mix until incorporated.Raspberry Swissroll before baking

Fold in the butter mixture.

Pour it onto a try.  Use a spatula to smoothen the surface evenly.

Insert raspberry into the batter as you like.

Bake at 180C for 12-15 minutes.

Raspberry Swissroll after baking

The roll came out spongy and soft.  Let is cool for a few minutes.  Cover the surface with a slightly larger baking paper.  Flip it 180 degree.  Tear off the baking paper originally at the bottom.

Prepare the raspberry cream by whisking the cream and sugar until soft peak forms.  Then add the raspberry puree and whisk slightly.

Spread the raspberry cream evenly.

Roll it and let it stay in the fridge for two hours to set. Click here for how to roll up a roll.


Raspbery Swiss roll 3

Raspberry Swissroll slice






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