Two Tone Chocolate Mousse

Two tone chocolate mousse

dark & milk chocolate mousseIt’s Easter Friday.  We don’t have Easter eggs in my family or friend’s circles in Hong Kong.  I could think of chocolate instead of chocolate Easter eggs.  But what makes it standing out?  There are way too many chocolate mousse, may be a billion photos ever.  I spot this two tone chocolate mousse from an Australia website.  That’s it, I would like to try out.

Easter Chocolate Mousse

The dark chocolate part was firm when just out from the fridge.  Let it get to the room temperature to get back to the smooth texture.  Or use a bit more cream next time.

Frey & Feodoro Chocolate250g cream
200g dark chocolate
4 eggs, at room temperature, separated
200g milk chocolate
30g sugar


Chocolate mousse














Whip the cream until firm peaks form. Set aside.

Melt the dark chocolate in a small heatproof bowl over a water bath. Let’s cool a bit. Stir in 2 egg yolks (the mixture will become firm). Melt the milk chocolate separately.

2 tone chocolate mousse3

Mix 1/4 portion of the whipped cream with the dark chocolate mixture until well combined. Add another 1/4 to combine. Repeat with the milk chocolate and the remaining egg yolks and 1/2 portion of whipped cream.

2 tone chocolate mousse2

Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually add the sugar until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is thick and glossy.

2 tone chocolate mousse1

Fold half the egg white mixture into dark chocolate mixture until just combined. Fold the remaining egg white mixture into the milk chocolate mixture until just combined. Spoon the dark chocolate mixture into serving glasses. Top with the milk chocolate mixture.

2 tone chocolate mousse

Top with shredded milk chocolate, raspberry, mint to serve.

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