Mango and Ginger Mousse Cake

mango ginger mousse cake1

Spring is here.  It means mango is now in season.  Oh, its unique smell and sweetness, divine!   Once you have tried it, you can hardly get away from it.  My Austrian friend cannot get Philippines mango and takes alternative Brazil mango as a substitute.

mango ginger mousse cake slice

This divine dessert is composed of 4 parts: Sable Breton, sponge cake, ginger mango mousse and mango glazing.  It was learnt from Coup Kitchen.  This time is a bit disappointed.   The Breton and glaze were demonstrated only.  As usual, the chocolate decoration were prepared on spot but by the chef.  The sponge cake and mixing of the mousse was easy.  An easy class.

mango ginger mousse cake slice 1

Though, a few tricks learnt.

  • To prevent the sable Breton base from becoming soggy, just brush a thin layer of white chocolate on top or sieve cocoa oil on top.
  • To trim a square cake a little, just place the cake mould on the cake with tiny spare part on two of the edges and trim it.   It is not necessarily to cut the four edges equally.
  • For making mousse, the temperature of Italian meringue should be at 117C.  If it is at 121C, the mousse won’t be so smooth.
  • Slowly pour the meringue at the edge of the mousse mixture.
  • Don’t use fresh mango to make the mousse but mango puree.  Fresh mango will leave the mousse in grey colour.  For this I am not sure but the mango flavor from the puree is not as strong and nice as the fresh one.  Perhaps, France does not have mango as nice as in the Philippines.

mango ginger mousse cake2


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