Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois

After the trial of raspberry chocolate bavarois, I have been thinking of creating a passion fruit mango version.   Where does the idea come from?  Friends Restaurant in Phnom Penh.  It was our first restaurant in the country.   Passion fruit mango shake was my drink.  It’s so refreshing and the exotic taste still presses hard in my memory.

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois toppingMother’s Day is the perfect time to try out my idea.  My mum likes mousse cake with fruit.  Fruit tastes sour is her favourite.  It worked well.  She alone, ate more than half of a 18cm cake in 24 hours.   My pretty marketing colleagues from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan visited Hong Kong today.  So double the ingredients to please them all.  Results?  They loved it.  One said, ‘home-made love from HK colleague’.

passion fruit mango cake daphne note

The basic rule is to double the ingredients of the raspberry chocolate bavarois, but 3 times for the glaze because the other recipe I used for the sponge cake made with 9/16 nozzle was too thick.  I needed more glaze to cover it.  Ya ya, will use a smaller nozzle and of course lower the portion of the ingredients next time.  And, both the passion fruit and mango bavarois were made by copying the raspberry chocolate bavarois.

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois slice1

When I made the mango bavarois, the cooking of the egg and mango puree mixture was long. It did not reach 82C, around 70C but it became thick.  And the bavarois condensed in a nice way.  The egg mixture of the passion fruit bavarois was cooked briefly, just until smoke appeared.  The outcome: it’s not solid enough.  Both bavarois takes the same portion of puree, cream, milk, sugar and eggs.  But they came out differently.  I guess the trick is the slightly thickening puree egg mixture.

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois2

The appearance was so pleasing and appealing.   It was so difficult to resist the temptation.  So, some photos taken with a part of it lost, already in Mum’s and my stomach.

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois missing a part

I miss my mum’s simple butter cake when I was a child.   It’s plain but lovely.  Nowadays, daughter baked for the mother.  But the mother does not like rustic homemade cake but rich velvet mousse cake or bavarois.   Funny!

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois slice

Passion Fruit Mango Bavarois slice2


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