Lemon and Green Tea Souffle Cheesecake

Lemon and green tea souffle cheesecake

I had been much looking forward to the reunion of my secondary school friends.  In the old days, a small group of Christian girls grew up together.  Each had her distinct characters.  Now, we have grown up and have different professions.  One is a doctor, another one is a doctor of social work teaching at one university, chief secretary in a global auto firm, teacher, etc.   I planned to bake a homemade cake for the reunion dinner.  However, the awkward Regal Court demands HKD180 cake cutting fee.  The answer is obviously ‘no’.

green tea souffle cheesecake. slicejpg

Anyway, I still went ahead to bake a cake.  It’s an experiment, using the lemon soufflé cheesecake recipe to make the green tea one.   As I used only 3g green tea powder, the taste was mild.  Perhaps, double it next time.  The recipe instructs high heat at the beginning and then turns to a low oven.  I followed but cracks still.  Well, the raspberries did a great job, not only hiding the cracks but resulted in a great presentation.  Red and green colours, the two opposite poles of a colour wheel.  Next time, I will test for low oven all through.

Lemon & matcha souffle cheesecake1

A tiny portion was poured into a small square cake ring.  The base was green tea but I drizzled a few drops of the lemon cheesecake mixture on top.  Cool!  A handful portion of each flavor was brought to office the next day.   Compliments and appreciation from various colleagues received.  The rest at home was eaten by my mom alone.  Yeah! It’s melting in mouth, so light!

Matcha souffle cheesecake

Lemon & green tea souffle cheesecake slices

QES Reunion 20140610


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