Matcha Red Bean Mousse Cake

Green tea red bean mousse cake

I had been away from home for almost 4 weeks.  I could have cakes in Vienna and Nurnberg (Germany).  Café Central in Vienna is the most sophisticated among all the cafés I tried.  Lovely raspberry mousse.  The very long history café moves forward together with time and trend.  Choices are not limited to traditional treats but modern amazing additions.

Cafe Central Raspberry Mousse
Café Central, Vienna
Cafe Central Vienna
Café Central, Vienna

Café Museum is the same group of Café Landtmann.  Cakes I tried were not nice plus very bad service.

Café Museum
Café Museum

We were at Café Beer (Berries) and Café SeeRose in Nürnberg.  Huge portions of all time favours.  The previous has 155 years of history and is always full.   The latter has a fantastic view over the Brombachsee.  Coffee in the shadow whilst enjoying the splendid view…..  super!

Cafe Beer Berries Chocolate Mousse Cake
Café Beer, Nürnberg
Cafe Beer chocolate cake
Café Beer, Nürnberg
Cafe Seerose
Cafe Seerose, Brombachsee











Yes, I miss my cakes.   And green tea, one is still not yet offered in café in Europe.  I made a 16 and 18cm cake each to serve the church group and my family.

green tea red bean mousse cake slice

Matcha génoise

3 eggs
60g granulated sugar
10g corn starch and 42g cake flour
10.5g matcha powder
30g butter, melted and cooled

Preheat oven to 180C

Sift together flours and matcha powder, set aside

Beat the egg and sugar in a bowl until blended. Place the bowl over a pot of boiling water, continue to beat until it becomes foamy and a bit less than 40C

Remove from heat, continue to beat until it’s doubled in size

Gently fold in the flour mixture until incorporated

Add in the melted butter and quickly fold in

Pour the cake mixture into the baking pans, gently tap pan slightly on the counter to remove any air bubbles

Bake for about 15 minutes or until the rim shrinks / becomes brown

Trim off top of the cake to make a flat surface

Green tea red bean mousse cake1

Red bean mousse

7.5g gelatin
300g azuki beans/red beans
270g whipping cream

Bloom the gelatin in cold water

Stir in the azuki beans and mix thoroughly

Whisk cream until soft peak forms

Gently fold the cream into the azuki beans mixture

green tea red bean mousse cake slice1

Matcha mousse

9g sheet gelatin
150ml milk
15g matcha powder
1.5 egg yolks
1.5 egg whites
60g sugar
120ml double cream

Bloom the gelatin in cold water

Pour the milk and add the matcha powder in a pot, set on low heat

Cream the egg yolk and 20g sugar until pale in colour

Gradually pour the milk into the egg mixture

Sieve the liquid into a pan, then place over low heat until the temperature reaches 85C

Remove from heat, add the bloomed gelatin sheet, stir to dissolve and let cool

Whisk the cream to soft peaks and fold into the matcha mixture

Whip the egg white and the rest of the sugar into meringue and fold into the matcha mixture

Matcha red bean mousse cake steps


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