Mini Moon Cake Order 2014

moon cake1

Mid-autumn festival is around the corner. It’s time to gift and enjoy moon cake with your love ones. This year I made the mini milk custard moon cake based on the recipe of Peninsular Hotel and white lotus.  It’s just HK$200 for 8, each 50g.   Or 6, each 63g with Jesus loves you in Chinese.

中秋節又到了, 饋贈月餅慶佳節, 又或與家人共享, 都是賞心樂事. 今年我按半島酒店的食譜烘焙的酥皮奶皇月, 或白蓮蓉月, 必定合你心意. 8個50g或6個63g (耶穌愛你) 只售港幣200元.

63g vs. 50g 2

You can choose between 8*50g, 6*63g  (HK$200) or 8*63g (HK$250)

你可選擇8個50克, 6個63克 (HK$200)或8個63克 (HK$250)

basic package

Complimentary plastic box for 3 or 4 packs 特色膠盒可放3 或 4 packs

moon cake packing box

耶穌愛你 only 63g  只有63克

Jesus Loves You

Gift box for 8 pieces 8個裝禮盒: Extra HK$20

8 pc Gift Box






If you are interested, please advise your email, I will send you a form. Last order: 31 August 2014. 如欲訂購,請提供電郵,我會轉發訂購表格給你.8月31日為最後訂購日期.


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