Cauliflower Cheese Burger

cauliflower cheese burger with red onion

I was impressed by Rachel Khoo‘s cauliflower cheese burger, one of the dishes in her Kitchen Notebook London   It looks like very healthy and delicious.  And it is a total different dish I normally eat.  My diet is everything. Oatmeal and vege. fruit juice in the morning.   All kinds of food as lunch or dinner.  Single vegetarian dish in a meal is rare.  But I’ve made it. And it’s good.  The richness of cheese did not stuff me breathless.   Yum!

But I did not have most of her ingredients in my kitchen.   So, a lot of substitution.

Original idea Instead
Cauliflower Cauliflower
Butter beans Chick pea beans
Cheddar cheese Pecorino
Parsley Thyme, spring onion
Hazelnuts Almond
Lemon zest Lemon zest
Flour Flour
Bread crumb Bread crumb

cauliflower cheese burger

No harm.  My version ended up very nice.   The preparation was quite easy.

Cook sliced red onion until soft.   Pour red wine vinegar.  I skipped the raisin as included in Rachel’s original idea.   Intentionally I did not add any seasoning, aiming to check out how it tasted.

Steam the cauliflower (small pieces) for 15-20 minutes.   Mix with the cheese, herbs, lemon zest.  Then add flour and breadcrumb to give it a more solid texture.   Shape the batter as burger.

Brush with egg wash and cover with breadcrumb.   Pan fry each side for 6-8 minutes.  I used low heat.

The acidity of the red onion chutnety offset the richness of the Pecorino.   Four small pieces in my stomach.  I did not feel stuffed but quite comfortable.  And a walk of 20 minutes after the dinner.  Should be healthy and not adding weight to my hip.

Alternatively, go with a salad instead of the red onion chutney.

cauliflower cheese burger with red onion chutney1




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