German Whole Meal Bread (Vollkorn Brot)

Vollkorn Brot

Vollkorn Brot MixI’ve got a pack of Vollkorn Brot mix from a local shop (風味烘焙) and was very curious to try it.  It’s not everything but just coarse whole meal rye flour.  Each 20g of the mix will be added to 100g bread flour.  First of all, soak the mix in boiling water for an hour.   Because our kitchen was occupied at various times, I let the soaking going on and on, for a few hours.  I could knead the dough only at night.  So, it went for low temperature fermentation in the fridge overnight, a second rise in the morning and a final rise after dividing the dough into two, each weighed around 330g.  Result: very nice crust and soft bread.  Like it!

Vollkorn Brot1

I did not follow any recipe but the proportion of each ingredient.  60g of bread mix soaked in 150g hot water, applied to 300g bread flour. Based on the 300g bread flour, 133g water, 2g malt, 4g instant dry yeast and 7g salt.  Oil taken for smoothing the dough after kneading by a kitchen machine.

Below is the rough process:

Soak 60g bread mix in 150g boiling water for at least an hour.  I let it for hours.

Put together the bread mix, flour and water together.  Well mix and let it stand for 30 minutes.

Start kneading after adding yeast until it become smooth. Then add the salt and continue to knead a bit. Since it was sticky, I added oil to allow easy handling.

Vollkorn Brot before fermentationGet it into a round shape and allow to go for the first fermentation.   I put it in the fridge overnight.  You can just go through the fermentation as normal.

I woke up the next morning.  First thing is to take it out from the fridge and deflat the dough. Shape into a round shape and let’s go for 2nd fermentation.

After an hour or so, divide the dough into two.  Allow them to rest for 20 minutes or more.  Reshape them and go for the final rise.

German Wholemeal Bread before final proof

German Wholemeal Bread after final proof

Score the dough the way you like.  I used scissors to cut small openings for a pretty outlook.

Vollkorn Brot scoring

Spray water into a hot oven at 250C.  Put the loaves in.  Bake at this high temperature for 8-10 minutes.  Lower the temperature to 220C and bake for another 20 minutes.

Vollkorn Brot 2

My rule for telling if the bread is ready: if the temperature inside the bread is higher than 80C, then it is done.

German Wholemeal Bread1

Allow to cool, my case 30 minutes.  If you cut it too early, it will become soggy.

So nice!  See the texture inside – soft with beautiful holes.  And this is not a sourdough which grew from a pre-dough but 3 fermentations.

Vollkorn Brot texture inside


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