Nutella Chocolate Tart

Nutella Chocolate Tart

Air France chocolate tartA few months ago I took Air France back to Hong Kong.   It served a lovely chocolate tart as part of the dinner set.   This triggered a thought of baking my own one but I hadn’t done so for a while.  And I had a small amount of Nutella at home and wanted to use it up.


Searching the internet, there’s got Nutella Chocolate Tart inspired by Pierre Hermé.  So, here is the tart with some alterations.  Unfortunately, no instruction given on the tart base.  I then took the recipe from Gregoire Michaud.  The dough was a bit wet but managable.

Sugar tart by Gregoire MichaudSugar dough from Gregoire Michaud, recipe shown above
2 teaspoons Nutella
185g semi sweet dark chocolate (50%)
130g butter
1.3 eggs
4 egg yolks
¼ cup chopped skinned almonds
Zest of one orange
Icing sugar

Nutella Chocolate Tart4

Follow the instructions of the sugar dough. Then spread nutella on top.

Melt chocolate and butter separately. Allow to cool a bit. Lightly whisk the chocolate with egg, then fold 1 yolk at a time until fully incorporated.

Add sugar and orange zest in, fold warm butter in and mix until just combined. Fill the tart shell with the ganache and top with almonds. Bake for 15 mins.

Allow to cool 20mins then sprinkle icing sugar and extra almonds on top and serve.

Nutella Chocolate Tart slice

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