Panda Cookies with cutter

Panda cookie with cutter

I must say the effort is far much greater than the result.  I saw a friend posting her lovely panda cookies with special cutters at Facebook.   They were so cute.   After some time, I managed to get a friend ordering the cutters from Taobao and get them delivered to Hong Kong.   Very eagerly I tried it out.  First I made the batter with my favorite egg white cookie recipe.  It was too soft to hold the shape.

Panda cookies cutters


Then I found a recipe from the Internet.  It seems easy but it turned out as troublesome.   The chocolate body and the belly were easy to make but the face with eyes, nose and mouth are very difficult.  The batter stick to the cutter.  The face was then distorted.   I took the tips of freezing them first but it did not seem working.   I insisted to try my best, and the one shown upfront was the best in the batch.   The faces of the rest were almost all distorted.  Nevertheless, friends loved them and all gone.


Panda cookies2

Panda cookies3


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