Rye Bread

Rye Bread Slice

Rye Bread


Bread Book Eric Treuille and Uraula Ferrigno

My bread baking is going to the direction of random.  Not completely random but start with a base with a twist of the ingredients, alternate fermentation / rising time and so on.  This time, I based on a book from Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno.  It’s French Dark Rye Bread with a starter.  But with insufficient rye flour and the humidity in Hong Kong, I made some alternations including a 2-day second rise in the fridge to allow more flavour.  The result is good.  I like the crust especially, Nfragnant and chewy.  This reminded me why I started homemade bread as chewy crust bread is extremely rare in Hong Kong.  People here used to eat very soft bread like air.  Only the minority prefers chewy European bread.  I become better in mastering the kind of bread.  Amazing and satisifed.



2 teaspoon dry yeast
150g Water
125g Bread flour


Rye Bread Starter

I mixed the ingredients all together and let it ferment for 3 hours instead of 2 hours.  The dough grew and filled the container completely.


Rye Bread Starter after 3 hours


Bread dough
275g bread flour (original 75g)
180g rye flour (original 300g)
220g water (original 250ml)
salt 12g
Extra virgin olive oil (not in the original recipe)


The weight of the flours in the original recipe is 375g.  As I had only 180g rye flour, I made up the difference by adding more bread flour.   But the dough with 200g water was so wet and difficult to knead, I added 100g bread flour and 20g extra water.  The kneading was done in my kitchen machine.  When I lifted the dough, it’s quite dense.  So, I continued the kneading by hands and added extra virgin olive oil bits by bits.  Then oil the mixinCg bowl and let the dough go for the first fermentation until double in size.  It’s around 1 hour.


Rye Bread before and after fermentation


The dough was made on Thursday.  As lunch and dinner were planned for the day and Friday, I cut the dough in half, rested and then shaped them into two loafs and let them stay in the fridge.

Rye Bread 1

Saturday morning, I took out  the loaves from the fridge, scored them and let them stand until 8.30 when I got up.

Rye Bread 2 days in fridge am 5
5am doughs out the fridge and scored
am 8.30
am 8.30

Preheat the oven to 250C. Sprinkle water in the oven to aim for a nice crust.  Put the loaves in and turn down thhe temperature to 220C.  Baking time: 35 minutes.   The way I check the bread is ready is based on the temperature exceeding 80C when I insert a therometer into the bread.


Rye Bread2

Rye Bread Slice1

Rye Bread Slice2

It was very nice whether it is eaten alone or added butter and homemade blueberry mamarlade.


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