Mango Bavarois

Mango Torte

It was Kurt’s birthday and this year we have known each other for 10 years.  So, something special.  Kurt is my ex-colleague.  He taught me SQL from scratch.  I learnt the skill and worked at Western Union for 4 years.  We met the first time at a suburb of Denver and worked together during the orientation period, 6 weeks.  At time we developed our friendship and it lasts.  We met still a few times after I have left the company, mostly in Italy and once in his residential city Vienna.  Kurt loves mango and so this mango bliss for his birthday.

Mango Mousse Cake

I got the recipe from  here.  Instead of making 6 x 7.5cm mini cakes I had one 16cm square cake and two mini cakes, 7.5cm and 6cm.  The bigger one was for writing Happy Birthday & 10th Anniversary.  Yup, I rarely write with chocolate.  So don’t expect perfect results.  The cake or torte consists of a sponge cake, mango jelly, mango bavaria cream /bavarois, syrup and mango white chocolate glazing.  I added nougat and golden flakes as decoration.

Mango Torte before glazing
Mango Bavarois before glazing

For my version, the cake batter was too much.  It calls for 4 eggs.  If I will make it again, I will half the portion of the sponge cake ingredients.  I did not trim the cake.  Therefore, the mango bavarois did not wrap the base.  And the square cake was not sliced 100% flat.  The mango jelly positioned a bit tilted. This is a lesson learnt.


Mango Bavarian Cream Cake

I half the syrup for the cake.  Perfect without much waste.  As two portions of mango puree equalled 380g, I made the mango glazing only 80% of the recipe.  It’s enough for my version, actually excessive.  I’ll see if I can use the excess for something else.  The original recipe instructs to put the mango jelly right on top of the sponge cake.  But I pour a part of the mango mousse over the sponge and refrigerate it a few minutes.  Then I inserted the mango jelly and pour the rest of the mango mousse.  It looks more aesthetic. And I did not add food colouring as suggested.  I like the taste and texture.

Mango Bliss

Mango Bavarian Cake

Mango Torte slice








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