Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake

Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake

I saw this cake recipe with the cream cheese cooked till thick and then further baked for 25 minutes.  This is new to me and I wanna try.  It is from a Japanese bakery, Chez Shibata. The chef is Takeshi Shibata.  Mr Shibata opened a shop in Hong Kong, Elements, with good comments but closed.

Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake for Sing

Apart from trying this new recipe, a school friend, Sing, returned from Texas to pay a visit of Golden 14-day.  So, I take my experiment as a surprise for him as well.  I made two 16cm cakes.  One for the family + Carmen and one for Sing and friends. All school friends like it.  Ssooo good!


Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake slice1

Cake base
48g unsalted and cultured butter each (I substituted with 96g unsalted butter)
pinch of salt
0.4g baking powder
40g icing sugar
29g ground almond
40g hazelnuts
50g cake flour
50g bread flour
32g eggs
vanilla essense

Pulse all ingredients in a kitchen machine. The next instruction in the book is to place the mixture on the bottom of a cake pan and bake.  Yup, not much details.

Almond Hazelnut cake baseI slightly kneaded the dough and formed two discs.  No rest but blind baked for 15 minutes. Removed the baking beans and baked 15 minutes further.



Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake slice

Cake filling
480g cream cheese
180g sugar
200g eggs
15g cornstarch
480g cream
raspberry jam

Whisk the cream cheese and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add egg, one after one, then the cornstarch.

Cooking cheese and creamBlend in cream and sieve. Cook the mixture with low heat until the mixture becomes thick.

Pour the cheese mixture into the cake pan with the nuts cake base.

Bake at 160C for 25 minutes. I placed a pan of water to reduce the temperature further.

The recipe instructs to take the cake out when it is consolidated and pipe raspberry. But it melted. The letter M spilt all over the cake. I sprinkled icing sugar on top when it was cool and piped the raspberry jam again.

Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake M

Nutty Base Raspberry Cheesecake1

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