Fig Jam Cheese Tart

Fig Jam Cheese Tart 1

It is the first day of the new year.  The trial out of fig marmalade and cream cheese turned out to be very nice.  Fig does not have sharp taste like berries but it retains a bit acidity to neutralize the heavy cheese.   My ex-colleague from Shanghai, who comment Michele star 3 restaurant is OK, greatly appreciated this little sweetie and finished the piece in a very short time even we had a big dim sum meal.  Very impressed!

Gooey cheese tartI had cheese batter left over from the last baking, a few days ago.  To give it another life and appearance, I tried if fig jam will work well.  The leftover is from a very popular snack in Hong Kong, originally from Japan – gooey cheese tart.  I tried it out once at night when the queue was short.  It cost HK$22 and was nice.  My first trial: the tart base was very good.  The tart tasted good but the outlook could have been better if I cut short the baking time and temperature.

Tart Base
88g Unsalted butter
66g icing sugar
88g Cake flour
88g Bread flour
33g ground almond
33g Egg, beaten

Fig Jam Cheese Tart slice

Mix butter and icing sugar with hands until both are integrated

Add the beaten egg gradually

Fold in the flours and ground almond.  Mix all ingredients until integrated.

Turn out onto a floured work surface; knead once or twice, until dough comes together. Flatten dough into a disk; wrap in plastic, and refrigerate at least 1 hour.

Roll out the dough.  Cut according to the tart tin size and lay it over the tart tin

Perce holes on the pastry.  Refrigerate for 15 mins or more.

Lay over aluminum foil and then baking stones on the pastry.  Bake 15 minutes.  Remove the foil and baking stones.  Continue to bake until the tart is golden brown.  It may take around 15 minutes.

I made 11 tart base with the ingredient portion above.   None is left for the fig jam cheese tart.  So,  fresh tart base made for the fig jam cheese tart.

fig jam cheese tart base combined

Cheese fillingMarrocco fig jam Rewe225g Cream cheese
40g Parmesan cheese
165g Milk
39g Unsalted butter
11g Cornstarch 10g
33g egg yolks
55g Egg white
49g Sugar
1tsp lemon juice
Around 130g fig jam

Fig Jam Cheese Tart 2

Cooked the cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, milk and butter till melted but not boiling

Mix 1/3 sugar and corn starch (sieved).  Add to the cooked cheese batter.  Simmer until the mixture becomes thick.

Add egg yolks and stir till well incorporated.  (Simmer only, don’t overcook the egg)

Add the lemon juice.  Sieve the batter.

Beat the egg whites till foamy.  Add the remaining sugar gradually.  Beat the mixture till glossy and soft peaks form.

Fold the beaten egg white into the cheese batter

Brush the tart shell with egg yolk

Pour the cheese and egg white mixture into the tart shell

Bake at 210C for 5-5.5 minutes

Grill 3 minutes to get the nice top.

It is still wobble and tasted wonderful, especially fresh from the oven.

Fig Jam Cheese Tart Cut

Fig Jam Cheese Tart


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