Almond and Caramelised Peach Cake

Almond & Caramelised Peach Cake


In a few days I will leave for a trip in Milan and Nürnberg for more than 3 weeks.  So, I wish to clear the cream at home.   This came this peach cake.  The original recipe calls for Greek Yoghurt but I substituted with whipping cream.   As I had a can of peach I naturally went for it instead of buying fresh ones. I guess the fresh peaches may go better with the caramel.   But this is a good option too, and handy.

Almond & Caramelised Peach Cake 2

The portion of sugar in the original recipe is a bit scary and I cut 30% of the cake but 40% of the caramel.   For me, the cake with reduced sugar was fine.   Your call if you would like to stick to the original.   Next time, I will add less water to the caramel or not right at the beginning.  It’s a bit runny.

Almond & Caramelised Peach Cake1


Almond & Caramelised Peach Cake Slices1


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