Coffee Hazelnut Swiss Roll

coffee hazelnut swiss roll coach ribbon

I bought a Toshiba superheated steam oven 水波爐 a few months ago.   It was recommended from a pastry chef who worked as part time demonstrator showing how to use a kitchen machine of another brand for making fabulous food, such as bread, cookies, steamed bun, etc.  A Facebook group of Toshiba superheated steam oven exists.  Members share tips and recipes.   Thanks to the group.  I made the purchase decision after reviewing the favourable comments.  It has 6 functions:Superheated Steam, Steam, Convection, Oven, Grill & Microwave.   One of the great points is fermentation.  We are no longer worried about fermentation in the cold weather.  This magical oven does the tasks handsomely.

coffee hazelnut swiss roll

Recently, a recipe of coffee hazelnut swiss roll was posted.  I baked mine per recipe.  It was not as soft as it could be.  But the favour is great.  Coffee mixed with hazelnut is superb.   It lingered in the mouth for a long while.  I think of it then I want to have it again.  Hmm!

coffee hazelnut swiss roll.1

The recipe is contained in a few jpeg files from Micky Tung.  Hope that you can make use of it.

Coffee Hazelnut roll


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