Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise Cake


I promised a friend to make a birthday cake when I visit him in Milan.  It will be his birthday on 14 October.  My first offer was opera cake, layers of chocolate sponge cake assimilated with coffee syrup, coffee cream, chocolate ganache and chocolate glazing.  But we are people who can’t sleep after taking coffee after mid-day.  So, I searched alternate recipe and drew to this beautiful cake, heavenly hazelnut chocolate cake from purple foodie.  I tried it but I was not able to make the chocolate discs.  So, I used the chocolate ganache in one layer.  The chocolate supposed for the disc was poured on top.  The cake was a bit hard but it was fantastic.   Yup, I will use another chocolate ganache recipe and glazing to make it even nicer. Hurray!



The chocolate ganache was way too much for the 16cm cake.  So, I quickly made a chocolate sponge cake to sandwich the ganache and serve friends.  It was nice.  See how much one of them enjoyed it.





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