Marbled Toast Bread


I was amazed by the beautiful colour of this toast bread.  It uses cooked biga as the pre-dough.  What is it?  It is basically 1 portion of flour and 5 portions water cooked until it is thickened.  Then leave the dough overnight to ferment and as a base of the pre-dough.  Outcome of the bread is – soft.


Plain doughmarbled-toast-bread-dough
58g cooked biga
178g bread flour
10g milk powder
22g sugar
3g salt
3g yeast
19g egg
45g milk
15g Butter

Chocolate doughmarbled-toast-bread-preparation
58g cooked biga
178g bread flour
12g cacao
8g milk powder
30g sugar
3g salt
3g yeast
19g egg
52g milk
15g Butter

Mix all ingredients except salt and butter.  Knead and form a ball.

Add salt and butter and knead till a transparent pane can be seen when stretching the dough.

Let the two dough rise till double, about an hour.

Divide each dough in 10 portions. Cover with towel  or cling film.  Rest for 10 minutes.

Knead and form the chocolate small dough as rectangular shape.

Roll the white dough flat.  Place chocolate dough inside the white dough and wrap it.

Place the dough into a toast box (454g).  Until it rises to 90% of the top, cover it.

Preheat oven to 180C.  Bake for 35 minutes.

Let cool, slice and enjoy.


When I made it the second time, the pattern looked nicer as I stack up the divided dough in a different way.  The loaf is irregular when rising and after the baking.





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