Intensive Chocolate Swiss Roll


Browsing Facebook groups is a daily activity when I am riding a bus home. One night I spot an impressive chocolate roll.  It looked luxurious and indulgent.  And the way of cooking is totally different from the recipes I used before.   It puts the flour in hot milk and oil.  The roll was soft.  My had a crack.  But I think it’s my unsophisticated technique.  Nevertheless I was happy with it.  Colleagues complimented it.   I will make it again.  Perhaps, soon.  I took photos in two different days.  The first time with a red ribbon but the light was so so.  The second time it was dressed with a brownish orange ribbon under the later afternoon sun.   It looked nice.


5 egg yolks (beaten)
80g Milk
50g Vegetable oil
A little bit rum
50g cake flour
30g cocoa powder (sifted)

5 egg whites
60g sugar
Lemon juice a little

30g dark chocolate
150g whipping cream
15g sugar


Simmer milk and vegetable oil in a pan (about 70C) until the oil foams a little.  Add sieved cake flour and cocoa and blend well.   Blend in the beaten eggs in 3 times.

Prepare the chocolate filling: beat cream and sugar for about 8 minutes.  Add the melted chocolate.  Blend with low speed machine.  Keep the mixture into the fridge for later use.

Preheat over 180/140C.   Beat the egg white.  Add 1/3 sugar and lemon juice when it is foamy.

Add the rest of the sugar gradually and beat until firm. Fold in 1/3 beaten egg white into the chocolate mixture.   Pour the mixture onto a baking tray.  Tap the air out.  Bake it in the oven at 170/130C for around 25 minutes.  Check it closely at the last 10 minutes.

Tear off the four corners of the baking paper. Let cool the Swiss roll for about 10 minutes.  Cover the roll with another baking paper and invert it.  Score 3 lines on the surface of the roll near yourself to facilitate the rolling.  Place thicker filling near yourself. The further roll to you the thinner the filling.

Roll up the roll.

The ingredient portion is for cake pan size 36cmX32cmX3cm.  I used a smaller pan size and took 80% of the ingredients.




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