Hanjuku Cheese/半熟チーズ version without milk


Jimmy and his family usually meet us once to twice a year.   Quite definitely is during or the Chinese New Year.  This time was after the holiday.  Although we do not see each other often, we remain good friends over the years.   He was a student of Hang Seng Business School when we first met him.  Over the time, he started his own accounting firm, got married and their daughter is eight years old now. She is called Jayci.  They said they looked forward to my cake or dessert every time visiting us.   To get the like from Jayci, I made this Hanjuku cheesecake with Doreamon and Mickey Mouse.


200g cream cheese
200ml milk (skipped)
4 yolks
30g granulated sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 whites
50g granulated sugar
30g cake flour
20g corn starch



Separate yolks and whites of eggs into two bowls.
In the bowl containing whites, add 40 g sugar, and make meringue.
In the bowl containing yolks, add 40 g sugar, and whisk well.
Cut cream cheese into small pieces, microwave for 30-40 sec. to soften, add to the bowl mentioned in the step above and whisk well.
Add milk little by little in this step.  (skipped)
Sift flour, add to the bowl, and mix well.
Add meringue to the bowl, and mix lightly.
Pour the cheese mixture to cake pans.
Bake in water bath, 20 minutes for the carton mini cake pans, 40 minutes for the rectangular cake pan.


Jayci ate 4 cartoon cheesecake and a slice of the cake.  Rest was taken away.  Cheers!  Children don’t lie.  They like something and show they like it.  Cheers!

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